The WREX 2023 data and presentation material has been made available by Northwestern University.


WREX2023 is pleased to announce that the complete conference data package is now available for download at the web link that was provided to all paid attendees on the final day of the conference.  The complete data package totals over 600 GB, requiring a large amount of free memory space to download.  A 1 TB USB drive or external SSD drive is recommended.   And since we have over 1,200 attendees who will download the data, please be patient with download speeds and file access for the first few weeks. You can report any issues to the Organizers via the Whova conference app. 

As a reminder, the conference data is being made available ONLY to the attendees of WREX2023.  Sharing of the data username and password with non-attendees is expressly prohibited.  Doing so could undermine the efforts of the team that will plan and execute the next WREX conference. 


Thanks for making WREX2023 the greatest crash reconstruction training conference ever!


WREX2023 Committee